Christmas films you can’t miss

Many films come every year to our small screen to entertain us while we get ready for the holidays. Here are some of the films that you must not miss!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Is there such a thing as stealing christmas? Who doesn’t love Jim Carrey as one of the most anti-christmas fictional characters? Who can forget little Taylor Momsen, best known as Jenny H in Gossip Girl, who plays Lou? One thing can be said from this film, our childhood can shape what we turn into…


Home Alone 2

Remember Macaulay Culkin’s glorious years in this classic New York Christmas. Who doesn’t love a snowy Central Park. Glorious New York City is the place to spend Christmas and get away from some bandits…

A Christmas Carol

The classic christmas film.  The famous Charles Dickens‘ book has been adapted for many films and TV shows. The famous 3 ghosts of Christmas  can be seen in every TV screen around the Holidays.

The Elf

The hilarious  film about an Elf that finds out he is not really an Elf. Will Ferrel’s portrayal of  naive  and joyful Buddy highlights the simple things in life.


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